About Us

J&C. is based in Perth, Western Australia. We're 100% online, and therefore can pass all savings down to our customers.

Our vision is to make J&C. the destination for long-lasting home products.

Our mission is to offer consumers with homewares and furniture that last for years.

We focus to balance sustainability, quality, function, design and affordability.

We aim to give better solutions that relate to existing problems:

Problem: The majority of furniture (ie. sofas, mattresses) is particularly hard to clean and reprocess.

Solution: Our furniture will last you for a very long time, and with styles that are easy to match up with any space, they won't need to be replaced every year. By investing in sustainable furniture, we reduce the amount of un-recyclable materials that end up in landfills.

Problem: Most furniture is cheap, mass-produced, low quality, with a short life cycle and designed to be disposable.

Solution: When considering to purchase furniture, we encourage you to take into account the longevity and quality of it. The reason is because long-lasting furniture can always be reused. Offer to friends and family when you no longer want it. This is a great way to prevent our furniture from being dumped into landfills. By doing that, we are making our planet a better place while still enjoying furniture that we love.

Problem: Just like fashion, furniture is made for seasons. This increases the amount of furniture that is tossed into landfills within a short period of time after purchase.

Solution: Let’s be honest. If you want to purchase new furniture to give your space a new look, move on with the trend or just simply get bored of your current furniture, you can always give them a new home. And frankly, why would we throw our furniture out while still functional? Donate your old furniture to charity. There will always be someone who would want to have them. Just think: “What is old for us might be new for others.”

— J&C. x