What is #betterhomebetterplanet ?

Hey! It's J&C. here.

We realise that we are living in the kind of society where everything has to be convenient and fast - fast food, fast fashion, fast cars, fast people and also fast furniture.

❓ What does "fast" mean - It means it is fast to make, fast to buy, fast to consume but also... fast to just dump something when we no longer need it. We seem to be unaware of the fact that those “fast” things in our life are actually hurting our own health and our planet so much.

You may not know...

✖ Australians generate almost a hundred million tonnes of waste per year. And while Australia represents less than one percent of the global population, our waste per capita is among the highest in the world

✖ The majority of furniture can't be recycled and is hard to break down. Most of the time, our unwanted furniture has to make its way to quickly filling landfills.

✓ As furniture lovers, we shouldn't only be interested in stunning and eye-catching pieces of furniture, but we should start caring for our planet too.

To address the issue that we are facing...

💡 We came up with #betterhomebetterplanet

The aim of this is to make our planet better while still enjoying furniture that we love. We also hope to raise awareness when it comes to furniture consumption.

❓ How are we going to do this – Choose your furniture wisely, focus on:

☑ Sustainability

☑ Longevity

☑ Quality materials that last, and undoubtedly,

☑ Styles that you love.

...Or if you simply just want to buy new furniture to give your space another look: give away your current furniture first. Give old furniture a new home by offering to friends, family or charity. Doing that will help to prevent furniture from ending up in a landfill. If this cycle keeps going, there would be so much less unnecessary waste. 🌎

❤️ Think about this too: "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"  Benjamin Franklin. 

🧡 Lastly, don't forget to tag us on social media platforms with #betterhomebetterplanet to raise our voice together.

— J&C. x